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Art no: AG-383
Band Seating & Removing Instruments
Art no: AG-386
Elastic Indtruments
Art no: AG-387
Mershon Band Pusher 14cm
Art no: AG-388
Band setter with tin insert 15cm
Art no: AG-389
Art no: AG-390
Art no: AG-391
Separating Pliers for Separators 15.5cm
Art no: AG-392
Mathieu Plers 14cm
Art no: AG-393
Elastic Ligature placing pliers 14cm
Art no: AG-394
Mathieu Ligating Pliers Pliers 14cm
Art no: AG-395
Mathieu Pliers Pliers with Finger ring 14cm
Art no: AG-396
Mosquito plers
Art no: AG-397
Bracket positioning gauge
Art no: AG-398
Bracket placing tweezer
Art no: AG-399
Bracket placing tweezer
Art no: AG-400
Ligature tying plier
Art no: AG-401
Bracket holding tweezer
Art no: AG-402
Band seating instruments Nylon
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